drawing by Julie McNiel
pencil, ink collage on yellow paper
18 x 24"

Forecast was influenced by Theodor Schwenk's book, "Sensitive Chaos - the Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air". Like my other drawing in this series, Precipitation, what is seemingly chaotic and unpredictable, upon closer observation and with the poet's sensitivity, reveals an unbroken design and interconnectivity. Water, often the symbol for the unconscious, both opaque and transparent, solid and liquid, flows through my drawing, as rain, clouds and fog, shimmering like the Northern Lights, and hailing down in multi-colored balls or particles, which are deposited in the curves in a field of currents arising around two uniformly pulsating chambers. The owl's eyes, a consciousness that peers out from within the bole of an axial tree, as the human city shifts and rocks on an undulating surface plane, observes relics from the ancient past in it's roots.