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This painting depicts an uneasy alliance of three men in prison, where individuals are often identified by their ID number, and sometimes, gang affiliation. Yet, friendships still flourish in these unusual and unpredictable circumstances.
Oil painting on canvas.
38 x 50"
Elders teaching the young, and vice versa.
Oil painting on wood panel.
3 x 3'
animation still
Twenty-Four-Hundred Hours
ink brush paintings on paper, in round frames.
Graphite with acrylic, collage, colored pencil, on vellum.
9 x 12"

These artworks, including hand-drawn animation, paintings and drawings, explore themes relating to time, incarceration, uneasy alliances, instinct and subliminal forces, and relationships between humanity and the natural world. They were created 2016-2018.

I have included a photo of AwA - Artists who Animate - a supportive group of artist-animators that I collaborated with, during these years. Together we presented a festival of animation art at a regional art museum, the first ever held there.