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Drawing by Julie McNiel
ink, acrylic, xerox, on paper.
Early Work by Julie McNiel
ink, xerox collage, on illustration board
8 1/2 x 11"
painting by Julie McNiel
acrylic, ink, xeroxed collage, on found wood.
19 x 23"
painting by Julie McNiel
ink, acrylic, xerox collage on paper.
mixed media collage by Julie McNiel
xerox, ink, acrylic, gold leaf on paper.
4 x 5"
Painting by Julie McNiel
acrylic, xerox, collage, on found wood panel.
ink drawing by Julie McNiel
ink on illustration board.
8 1/2 x 11"
Lion Dog
Ink, joss paper, watercolor, acrylic, collage, on paper.
Art by Julie McNiel
ink, acrylic, on paper.
4 x 4 1/2"
Ink drawing by Julie McNiel
sumi ink, charcoal, on paper.
24 x 30"
Etching by Julie McNiel
soft ground etching

These were made in the 1980s to early 1990s. At the time, I was influenced by graphic novels, illustration with socio-political content, and science fiction literature by authors such as Samuel Delaney, Roger Zelazny, Mervyn Peake, Steve Erickson, Ursula Le Guin, as well as Yukio Mishima's works.

Some of these artworks were included in Barron Storey's WATCH magazine. Later, I was to discover authors Thomas Pynchon, Margaret Atwood, and J.G. Ballard. Literature has always been an influence and inspiration for my work, perhaps moreso than visual imagery.

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