Julie McNiel Artist

JULIE MCNIEL is a Northern California artist.

I have always been an artist. As a youth I supported myself by waiting tables, cleaning houses, childcare, factory work - the usual stuff. In my 20s I worked as an illustrator, and traveled to China in the 1980s as a courier. I became the first person in my family to get a college degree. In my 30s I worked as a performance artist, and taught children in the public library system, urban schools, and became deeply involved in community work.

For over 20+ years now, I have had the honor of teaching diverse students in both rural and urban settings, on university campuses, art schools, community college, jail and prison. My paintings and hand-drawn animated films have been shown in galleries and museums.

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The galleries on this site are organized chronologically from the 1980s to the present, to share with you aspects of artistic development, over time.

go to MIDNIGHT SUN to see a large-scale drawing project, and click on SHELL GAMES to view paintings recently exhibited at the Museum of Northwest Art in Washington, and at University of Hawaii, Hilo. - julie

(Left) TRUE NORTH aka The Mother Lode,
oil painting on canvas, 38 x 50", 2018.