Julie McNiel Artist
JULIE MCNIEL is a Northern California artist.

Enter the Labyrinth! Within these squares and circles you may find a path or pattern you recognize. The artworks function like 'tickets' purchased and then spent while engaged on a journey to somewhere. In the way of shifting dunes, these images were formed as grains of sand are, spiraling into chaos and then settling into new patterns. I sometimes get lost here, as one might when staring into a snow globe. Yet I always find my way out again, to travel another landscape. Thank You for visiting! I wish you Much Joy as you engage in your own creative journey...

The galleries are organized chronologically from the 1980s to the present, to share with you aspects of artistic development, over time. This is more important to me, than showing only my best work, as I am a teaching artist.

I come from a family of orphans and immigrants, with experiences rich in adventures, travel, and stories. My interest in cross-cultural themes has manifested through many a painting, animation, poem, and performance.

Briefly, after working in the San Francisco Bay Area as an illustrator, I began learning Chinese language and traveling to Asia in the 1980s as a courier. There, I documented village life through sketchbooks and photos. In 1999 I earned an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, and was awarded residencies in Europe and Central America, shortly thereafter. I have been teaching for over 20 years, in colleges, community centers, art schools, jail and prison, My hand-drawn animated short films including Fogline, about art and time in prison, have been shown in galleries and museums. I am working on a graphic novel.

go to MIDNIGHT SUN to see a large-scale drawing project, and click on SHELL GAMES to view paintings recently exhibited at the Museum of Northwest Art in Washington, and at University of Hawaii, Hilo.- julie

(Left) TRUE NORTH aka The Mother Lode,
oil painting on canvas, 38 x 50", 2018.