Julie McNiel Artist
JULIE MCNIEL is a Northern California artist.

For three decades McNiel has explored cross-cultural themes expressed in non-linear narrative form through drawing, painting, animation, and performance art. After working as an illustrator in the San Francisco Bay Area, McNiel began studying Chinese language and traveling to China in the 1980s, where she documented village life through her drawings. In 1999 she earned an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, and was awarded artist residencies in Europe and Central America shortly thereafter. In 2011 she received the $10,000 Victor T. Jacoby Award for animation. Her hand-drawn animated short films, including Fogline, about art and time in prison, have been shown at galleries and museums. McNiel has taught at colleges, universities and art schools on the west coast for 20 years. She currently teaches at Pelican Bay State Prison, and is working on a graphic novel.

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welcome! go to MIDNIGHT SUN to see a recent drawing project, and click on SHELL GAMES to view paintings exhibited at the Museum of Northwest Art in Washington, and at University of Hawaii, Hilo. Check out my NEWS page for the latest! - julie

(Left) TRUE NORTH aka The Mother Lode,
oil painting on canvas, 38 x 50", 2018.