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Covid isolation pushed me to change my working methods. Instead of painting in a studio and pulling prints on a press, I taught myself how to draw on an iPad at my kitchen table. Sharing here, the work-in-progress, on a graphic novel.

Although a work of fiction, it is based on places and people I've known. Themes of restorative justice and circles of magick, the power of art and nature to open doors where previously there were none, are explored in the story.

Process: I begin by sketching and note taking and doing thumbnails in journals. Then I draw characters, giving each their own 'life'. I've drawn maps and constructed a Creation Story. In the first 2 years of the project, I drew everything by hand, on large sheets of paper, using a light table. But correcting mistakes and making adjustments made the project lag, so that is why I switched to drawing on an iPad. This is a new process for me. Digital pencils can now be inked using an electronic pen. Eventually, I hope to collage and color/paint it. Maybe, even publish it. What do you think?