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painting by Julie McNiel
acrylic, ink, xeroxed collage, on found wood.
19 x 23"

I moved from San Francisco to Oakland because the rents were much cheaper, and discovered the industrial train yards of Emeryville and the East Bay (which has since been developed and now has no resemblance to the former landscape). My process was to roam the train yards and empty buildings with black and white film on my 35mm camera, as well as my super-8. Having gathered the footage, I'd head over to the lab for processing, which typically took a couple of weeks. Results were often unexpected, which I enjoyed. After a trip to the local xerox store (one of my favorite hangouts) with the photos, I would cut the copies up and collage them on to scraps of found wood, planks, even metal scraps, which I often found in alleyways or dumpsters. Drawing and painting into them, imagery emerged, as in this piece of a woman lying on tracks with the city in the distance.