mixed media drawing
graphite, ink, collage, on paper

As with the accompanying drawings Pirate Queen, and Bluebeard's Daughter, Morrigan refers to historical female figures that represent worldly or, in this case, otherworldly power. Although the figure with animal attributes and many breasts is an interpretation of the ancient Greek goddess Artemis, she is surrounded by the colors of the Morrigan: black, red, and white. The Morrigan is one or all three of a trio of megalithic goddesses, and are archetypes for war, death, passion, and love. Also included are collaged matte paper shapes that represent parts of the Irish Blackthorn and the Oak Tree. Without death, re-birth cannot occur. I see the character of the Morrigan as a kind of action-figure, doll, or comic book heroine, blending contemporary motifs with ancient ones.