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painting by Julie McNiel
LuckyLove and the Osmanthus Tree
mixed media on wood panel
11 3/4" x 8'

This panel is the second in the series, and is the continuation of the story of the fictional LuckyLove, AKA Huck Fi, Feng Feng, or Lucky Maple. In her words, she describes what happened next:

I somehow made my way back to my raft. I think I fell asleep as I floated upriver. Upon awakening, I found that my vessel was at rest below a giant white-blossomed tree. The landscape was entirely different from the flaming heat and racket of the palace grounds. From below, I had drifted to a higher place, which was in fact, a moon. Gorgeous perfume from the tree, an ancient Osmanthus, soothed me, as a cool and welcoming light filled the stark space. I heard the sound of an axe cutting wood in the distance, and then, made friends with a kindly rabbit who helped me down a hole in the ground. Although I was frightened, the rabbit assured me that all was safe, and gave to me a bean-filled mooncake for my journey. Indeed, I fell, and fell, and fell! Splash! I was submurged in some kind of liquid. I swam to the surface, gasping, bright flashes of light exploding like fireworks in my brain!

I picked up my oar, wiped off the slimy liquid, and once again, boarded my waiting raft of logs tied together.