Projects > LUCKY LOVE

painting by Julie McNiel
LuckyLove Views the Redwoods
mixed media on wood panel
11 3/4" x 8'

This the third painting in the series, and is a continuation of the story of a fictional character, LuckyLove, as she journeys through the spirit world.

Here, she describes what happened next:

It seemed that I had traveled a great distance, for the moon and the palace were now out of sight. I came upon a welcoming green land forested with red, ancient trees, thick with huckleberry bushes, encased in sunbeams and fog.

Some bicycle riders, passing by, directed me to a place of rest, located across a bridge over a salmon-filled river. Eventually, I learned that I had some relatives in the area, hitherto unknown to me. They assigned me a new name, and gave me a sense of my own history.

I have now come to live in this place, and the strange world of my past exploits has faded from memory. Yet, every Autumn Equinox, my relatives and I gather together for a moon-viewing party, and some of my elders tell the tale of Cheng E, the Lady in the Moon. She is a hero, of sorts, for me, as it was her light that showed me the way through the darkness of nights without stars. And, of course, I owe a lot to my friend the rabbit. Couldn't have made it without her.