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painting by Julie McNiel
Red Rabbit Moon
acrylic, ink, on wood
20 x 20"

As in the painting, "Ten Suns One Daughter" the iconography merges a mythology of the past with the present. Many children flow through the system. Occasionally, one is granted a family and therefore, an identity.

I cannot help but mention here, my admiration for those who consider the 'population problem', which might seem to be a particular issue for the Chinese. However, it's our issue too, no pun intended.

A marvelous book of short stories by Chinese author Mo Yan (now, a Nobel laureate) titled, "Shifu You'll Do Anything For A Laugh", by Arcade Publishing and translated by the amazing Howard Goldblatt, is well worth a read. "Abandoned Child" is one of the stories included in the collection. I am pleased to have recently discovered it. ---julie, July 2013