Julie McNiel Artist
Pearl DuctThawChromaticaDETAIL of ChromaticaDETAIL of ChromaticaHunter's Point PirateHunter's Point (detail of painting)Wool GatheringStocks and BondsStocks and Bonds (Detail)"Glamour Wood" a solo exhibition at the HSU First Street Gallery, 2003. Curving AwayCurving Away (detail)Underground PalaceUnderground Palace (Detail)AmberGlamour WoodCheckmate
Glamour Wood refers to the archaic meaning of glamour (as in ancient Celtic fairytales), as a cast spell; the wood being the visual metaphor for a wild yet sophisticated and seducing beauty. Glamour Wood is a forested setting that offers opportunities for entertainment and the fulfillment of desire; yet, it is also a place of camouflage and delusion.

This group of paintings is dated 2000-2003.

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An essay on the work in Glamour Wood by artist and anthropologist Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, Ph.D, can be accessed at:
HSU First Street Exhibition Archives

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