Julie McNiel Artist
LuckyLove in the Underground PalaceLuckyLove and the Osmanthus TreeLuckyLove Views the RedwoodsInstallation view of a triptych of paintings, "LuckyLove Chronicles".DETAIL of LuckyLove in the Underground PalaceDETAIL of LuckyLove and the Osmanthus TreeDETAIL of LuckyLove Views the RedwoodsTen Suns One DaughterRed Rabbit MoonCastawayDETAIL of LuckyLove and the Osmanthus Tree
The Lucky Love Chronicles is a series of paintings exploring orphaning, adoption, and girlhood, through the vehicle of a well-known Chinese Taoist myth.

Inspired by Chinese fable, more recently -the literature of Mo Yan, and of course by the adoption of my own daughter from an orphanage in Szechuan province, I hope that you will enjoy the images and the sometimes outlandishly fantastical text that accompanies them.

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