Julie McNiel Artist
Her Hanging GardensSkagit StratiformsTwo SistersTaking Her MeasureDETAIL of Taking Her MeasurePlumb LinesFirst CutDETAIL First CutSpinThe Need to Bring Back a Bigger PresentDETAIL The Need to Bring Back a Bigger PresentTemporal RelationshipDETAIL Temporal RelationshipCoin TossLost at SeaStone Washed, Mattole RiverUnfortunate Literary InfluencesDETAIL of Unfortunate Literary InfluencesProblem with the System
This is a selection of drawings from various projects, dating from 1999 to about 2005. Text illuminating the images can be found throughout the site. Click on images to enlarge.

Many drawings encompass shared themes, such as girlhood, internal/external compasses, animal nature, frenemies, escape, history, and wilderness. Featured here on my site, are mostly improvisational pencil line drawings based on imagination and memory, without pre-planning. At the time, my work began to get some art-world attention. Having been overlooked for decades, the practice of drawing was gaining a new appreciation, with international museum exhibitions devoting space to the celebration of it as a meaningful practice in and of itself. Because of this renewed interest, I started to show my drawings in numerous exhibitions, where they were collected by my patrons, friends, art critics, and fellow artists.

I've been drawing, now, for five decades, so it's value has never been lost to me.