Julie McNiel Artist
PrecipitationCAVEEnigmaSound SlippageCAVE in-progressCAVE being drawn on gallery wall.CAVE on the wall.Julie paints the CAVEInstallation view, MIDNIGHT SUN, drawings by Julie McNielDark EnergyWithin CoronaFork in the RiverRed Sky NightPirate QueenBluebeard's Daughter and Her PollywogsRongo RongoCloudboltMississippi MooncakesMacanese Moon MechanismPENJING MASTERMorriganMidnight SunRongo Rongo (detail)PENJING MASTERCAVEForecastAt the drawing table.Castle's ShadowSTATICStatic (#1 of 6 drawings)Static (#2 of 6 drawings)Static (#3 of 6 drawings)Static (#4 of 6)Static (#5 of 6 drawings)Static (#6 of 6 drawings)Cloudbolt (detail)In the studio.Drawing in-progress.CAVE
MIDNIGHT SUN exists as an intermediary terrain between text and image. Consisting of some 25 drawings on paper and two site-specific temporary wall drawings, it was exhibited at the Humboldt State University's First Street Gallery in December 2012.

A few years ago I visited a friend who lived close to the Arctic Circle. There, the sun still shone in the summer sky past midnight each evening. Insomnia ensued and we swam in Helsinki Bay at three in the morning. She described to me her dread of oncoming winter when it was dark as night the whole day long. The concept of such extremes and of the resulting disorientation influenced the making of these works, which hover between the written and the image.

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